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In the social mirror, it is often stated that to be healthy you have to properly nourish you body with vitamins in order to be strong and healthy. Well, the message for today is what are you doing to nourish your mental capacity to keep it strong and healthy? Do you think that there is any connection between your physical body and your mental acuity?

All too often in the social mirror (society), our physical health is always separated from our mental health as well as our spiritual health. Just know that they are all interconnected and work off of an interdependent paradigm. This is done on purpose because where there is division, there is weakness. A strong person operating with bullet proof glass around them, has all there faculties together and operating as one.

With today's message, I am going to give you a few keys to nourishing your mental, physical, and spiritual self by focusing on what exactly you are doing with your self and how you are BEing. Are you nourishing all three with your vitamin BE's? If not, here are a few suggestions to nourish your mental, physical, and spiritual self with a few simple but powerful principles of thought and action.

1. BE Yourself --- be who you are and bring your uniqueness out into the world despite the narrow viewpoints of mindless others.

2. BE Your Best --- be the best person that you could possibly be and you will always be happy with yourself and your efforts.

3. BE Positive --- be a pool of positive energy and achieve more than you have ever imagined.

4. BE Learning --- be in a mode of learning because life is nothing but a schoolroom.

5. BE Teaching --- be a teacher in life in what you have learned to bring success to you, teach it to others to help them.

6. BE Proactive --- be assertive and go after the things and ideas that you want to incorporate into your life. Don't sit back and wait for things to happen for it will be a matter of time when everything passes you by and leave you wondering what and the world happened.

7. BE Giving and Receiving --- the universe acts in dynamic exchange. If there is something that you want, give it and then you will have it.

There you go, 7 principles of thought and action that will nourish you mind, body, and spirit. When strong and nourished, you have the strength to travel on your journey of success that you are creating for yourself.

I thank you for sharing time with me today for you are truly and greatly appreciated. I wish you well on your journey of creating success and excellence in your life. Please go to http://fuelforwellness.com/ and sign up for our FREE newsletter - Commitment To Excellence filled with more tools for your journey.

Peace and I wish you well.

Dana Easter El - The Doctor Of Excellence.

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