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When push comes to shove the difference between those people living the life they want and those people settling for the life they get comes down to a few simple understandings and strategies. Successful people are not born success. Success people do not have magic powers. Successful people just understand simple life changing strategies and implement them better than other people.

Success can be measured in so many different ways, financial, health, relationships, family, work, imagine if you had a level of success in all of those areas, if you had the life you dreamed and desired and every day you achieved everything you wanted in life. Well it can happen. Success is something that is learnt, life principles are things that you can use, creating levels of success come to those that are discipline enough to take notice. Using just these 3 strategies everyday will see a vastly different you and a vastly different level of success.

Live Above The Line:
In this world there are two types of people, those that live above the line and those that live below. People who blame others, do not take responsibility for their actions or life, do not think it is ever there fault are living below the line. They are not willing to accept responsibility for anything and therefore are not willing to do something about changing it. They are always looking for others to blame rather than taking action to form change. Success people live above the line, they take responsibility for everything that happens in their day and life, and they never blame others or other situations for what happens to them.

They are proactive in ensuring good things happen and that they are in control of their emotions, actions and outcomes. For example you need to get some photocopying done and the machine breaks during your job. Do you cause a fuss and carry on or do you except it and look for a solution to the problem? Or You have a big meeting to secure a big deal, however the prospect decided to go with someone else. Do you blame the world for not getting it or do you focus on what you could have done better to learn for next time. As simple as what this sounds it is amazing how many people actually live part of their day below the line, blaming others for circumstances or looking for others to be responsible.

Be Around Successful People:
Successful people are always around other successful people. Each day people make mistakes, they do the wrong thing, they take steps backwards, however this could be avoided if they were around other successful people. Successful people have already made these mistakes, they have already learnt these lessons and using them as mentors, coaches, guides you can fast track your outcomes from learning and modelling what they do and why they do it. Find books to read, videos, CDs and DVDS to soak up the knowledge, education and learning and then use it in your own life. It is no accident that successful know and hang around other successful people, they have their own groups, their own networks and their own places to go. Average people hang around average people as it is their comfort zone. Tip - Find a successful person and take them to lunch. You pay for it and during your time ask all the questions you can think of, pick their brains on how they first started, what they did and how they did it.

Focus On Your Goals:
You don't need another piece of writing telling you how to set goals and why it is important. I would prefer for you to focus on your goals every day. Have them up see you can see them daily, so you can tick them off when you achieve them and so you can monitor how you are going with achieving them. Goals are just as easy forgotten if you don't keep a focus on them, if you are not looking at them daily and doing little activities that get you closer to the end result. Planning should be done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, you should know what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and in what time frame. It is fine to have goals, however if you do not continue to focus on them then your goals will disappear as the months go on and you will still be in the same spot as when you started.

Using these three simple strategies will improve the levels of success you have in your life and allow you to move forward in achieving great things.

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Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, helping individuals live life with more passion, purpose, happiness and fulfillment. To get your free life success resources visit http://www.secretsofasuperlife.com

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