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We all want to be surrounded by people whom we feel comfortable with. But there will always be one person or two that will entirely ruin that feeling for you especially at the office or at school where you have to constantly deal with them. What better ways to handle negative people than what follows below.

There will always be reasons as to why people are what they are today. Some might have a bad experience with others which is why they are drawn to be that way while others simply just have a knack for sucking the life out of everyone.

When you are faced with the dilemma of punching that person out or not, get yourself out of that situation literally. Get out of the room where that person is before fists fly around.

Squeeze the information as to why that person is such a negative force to you and to everyone around him. There might be reasons like grudges or hatred against you that fuels his negativity towards you.

But, there are also benefits to getting yourself involved with a negative person. You might begin to discover a new side of you or tackle issues that you have been avoiding before. There will always be a reason why that person tails you and that might be the key to ending his ways.

If for some reason these negative people still follow you around for approval, make them realize that they are not slaves. Instead, they are people with minds of their own and can call out their judgement. Remind them of that ability.

And while you are busy bantering with these people, others are working and making more results than you do. So, stop paying attention to these attention seekers and be more productive.

There is always a reason why people act the way they do in the street or how they react to people. Find out every reason why and you will be surprised that that is the key to your success.

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