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Stress is a critical body disorder that affects both the young and the old. Its signs are insomnia emotional unbalance, tiredness and even body pains.

This occurs when the pressure of work is subjected more to you until everything in your life loses value. Never allow the effects of work to creep into you otherwise you will develop stress which might lead to depression. So it's good to reduce the number of overtimes and ensure you do not worry too much about your work and what might happen to you in future. By allowing work to occupy your daily lifestyle, you will find that you have no free time to enjoy and your life would be susceptible to stress. Below are some tips on activities that you can engage in to avoid stress build up in your body.

Exercising is important, it tends to increase blood flow in your body and allows you to utilize the energy you have. So, if thinking of reducing stress levels you can exercise by getting a good cardio workout which will transform your health. Learn to relax after the day's work, relaxing helps one to remove the effects of work and lower susceptibility of stress, you can relax by reading a book or even going for a holiday. Always enjoy a good night sleep it will help you to reduce the effects of stress and provide you ample environment to enjoy work next day. If you have developed insomnia try engaging in any physical activity. That activity should be an activity that may make you tired creating the nice mood of sleeping. Also try to go to sleep at regular time intervals everyday.

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