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Superior academic achievement is all about discovering the hidden potential within you and using your mind power to transform that potential outcome into reality. Our behavioral pattern can be linked to deep seated desires, needs and battles. Mind mapping through laws of attraction uses our conscious mind and by harnessing its power, uncovers the deep rooted traits in the sub conscious and unconscious part of the mind and then uses the same power to introspect and discipline certain areas within ourselves that needs change.

Mind maps are diagrams that represent certain ideas, words, tasks, desires, etc. in the form of a keyword which helps to visualize and counter problems and also to see great potential and success in an idea. It acts like a filter to collected thoughts, ideas and inspirations. It leads to better research and association of information from diverse sources which can be better managed for meetings and presentations, proposals and projects. A practical example of this in today's world would be the 25-foot long Mind Map that is used by Boeing Aircraft to train their aeronautical engineers, a training module which otherwise takes a few years to complete. They also save $10 million by this process! Big corporations like Hyundai, British Petroleum and Digital Equipment uses mind mapping to enhance their performance.

Mind mapping helps us to discover our inherent strengths and weaknesses and by becoming aware of them we can lead a better life. The main aim of this exercise is not only to increase our output levels but also to develop a personality free of damaging or stifling traits. This leads to success in all spheres of life.

To understand mind mapping, one must understand that human behavior is governed by interior motives that are not always visible on the surface. When you understand what your motivational dynamics are and match them to your dormant skills and talents, you open yourself to a new set of possibilities. You lead a "purpose-driven" life.

Mind Mapping can be understood as a "propeller" - you go ahead with your life with a new resolve and vigor, confident in your lately discovered potential. You can now "create" or make things happen for yourself. You can manipulate circumstances to make them come out in your favor. You will also have a new power within you to overawe opposition. It gives you the motivation to surpass all in the area of your interest. Your mind becomes a fertile bed to be sown with great ideas bringing fruitful results in all that you undertake.

Along with this new found power within you, comes a choice you need to exercise. What are the circumstances in which you should opt to use your superior academic achievement? There are situations where using your mind mapped abilities to control people and manipulate them to submission will lead to strife in the long run. That is why mind mapping can be dangerous over a period of time if done with a consistently selfish intent. The idea is to utilize laws of atttraction for noble causes; for a larger and greater need than yours and for the common good of humanity.

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