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There is a growing problem with laziness in many people now; it heralds a disturbing decrease in mind-power. In this age of near-instant gratification, some people expect to be spoon-fed information. These lazy bums think nothing of calling or emailing a company and asking detailed, endless questions about things they can either get easily with an internet search, or have no business knowing about in the first place. Then they get indignant when someone refuses to hand over the information (for free, of course...they always want it for free).

When did this disturbing trend start? Did it begin when computerized cash registers became common? Judging by the impossibility of having most clerks make change if the electricity goes out, one must wonder if these things started in the educational system. Maybe this informational blight has to do with using computers for everything. People have become so mentally challenged that they can't even think for themselves. Really now, how much mental effort does it take to think about where information might be gleaned from on the internet? The jump to calling up a company and demanding information that requires a professional at a doctoral level to understand is ludicrous, not to mention really irritating. It's an "I want this...gimme now" type of exchange that leads to nothing but anger. The anger hits both sides when-if someone agrees to provide the information-the caller is too dense to understand any of it and then demands complete instruction on the subject. At that point the other person will usually let loose a few choice words and hang up on the caller.

Listen people: if you want to avoid this kind of thing, stop thinking you can just pick up the phone and some nice person will explain everything you ever wanted to know. Go look for the information through published sources first, before you even consider calling someone. Most of the time, the information you seek is readily available on the internet or in common publications...and the person you call will know that and blast you for not having looked for it first. Some of us have a tendency to get a little crotchety when people expect us to drop everything and respond to their whims in such a manner...and some will have no problem at all pointing out the unreasonableness and rudeness of the lazy person. Save yourself an emotional attack that will further rip apart your falsely-bolstered self-esteem and go look it up for yourself. Then if you can't find it, you can call or email and you'll be able to cite the places you have searched and what information you have found.

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