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Several times we see the world as a place where the only thing involved is the exchange of hard currencies, the accumulation of ideas, just settling down here on earth. Have you ever sat down to imagine why you were put on this earth. The bible makes it clear that our mission here in the old testament is to Subdue, Establish, Have Dominion and replenish the earth.. In the new testament a new mission was added to the old testament missions which is primarily the ministry of reconciliation. Daily I believe if our aim in life is to be like Christ we should have the mentality of touching lives.

Jesus ministry here on earth had one main aim which was touching lives positively. I believe it is time for us to leave the level of self and begin to look for those lives that needs a touch. God needs us so much that he is ready to work mightily in you if you are ready to touch lives positively for him. The bible tells us that "we should work out our salvation" how? By doing what the word has said you should do. We have left the regime of the word just being kept in our hearts, this is the season of outspokenness of the word of life if you want to reign in this crooked and perverse generation. For light to shine an instrument is needed for its illumination right?

Our instrument is written down for us in Isaiah 41:15 which is our mouth. You have to speak the word to situations of people, use the word to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, make the lame walk. This is Christianity, TOUCHING LIVES. GO AHEAD AND SHINE.

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