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Self-improvement, self-empowerment, personal development or personal growth is an area of study that has been around for centuries and today, it is still as much of a hot topic as it was back then. But the question is - does it really work or is it just a "feel good" topic that serves to get you pumped up for a time?

First, let's consider what self-improvement is. It is the moving of an individual from his current state of existence to a perceived better state of existence. It therefore involves being aware of the quality of your inner world, the quality of your physical world, and the quality of your relationships. It is said and has been proven that as the quality of your inner world improves, the quality of your outer world also improves. If we can gain control over our thoughts, our feelings and our actions, then we would have gained significant control over the outcome of our lives. Those who have gained this control will tell you that self-improvement does work, but for those who have yet to succeed in gaining such control, they may say that self-improvement does not work.

Too many lives have however been changed through the application of personal growth principles and exercises to say that it doesn't work - lives such as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, and T. Harv Ecker to name a few. Unfortunately, there are many more individuals for whom it hasn't worked. Why? Because the majority of people are just not willing to put in the time and effort it requires to change one's self and improve one's life. Let's face it, its hard work and requires consistent self-discipline and the majority of the people are simply too lazy and undisciplined. The bottom line is if you want it bad enough you'll do whatever it takes to improve your life.

Much of self-improvement requires replacing old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs. Therefore one must always be aware of the thoughts that you think and the conversations that you have with yourself. It is a daily conscious effort to work on yourself but will certainly pay off when your physical circumstances begin to reflect the improved you. You are the CEO of your life. That means that you have the power and the authority to make the necessary changes. Yes, it is up to you to make it work.

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