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Procrastination is a mental state that, like all mental states, is self-created. The reason for procrastination is often a feeling of inadequacy or lack of understanding of the job at hand. We feel that the task to be undertaken is beyond our capacity, and fear failure or ridicule. But the good news is that mental states can be changed. Do you ever procrastinate on a task that feels pleasant and rewarding to you? You will do everything possible to find the time to do what you enjoy. The definition of procrastination is simply "prolonged hesitation."

This article will help you overcome procrastination and turn every task into positive, rewarding activity. You will see clarity in your to-do-list and your tasks will get done in a systematic fashion, much to your relief and satisfaction.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with the step by step process outlined below. The good news is, it only takes a few minutes at first. Then it becomes quicker and easier. Pretty soon it will automatically form a new identity for you - you'll think of yourself as someone who immediately acts upon the things that will bring them closer to their goals.

Sounds good? Let's not procrastinate and start!

Focus on Your Mental To-do List.

Think of an exhibit in a museum. Not any normal exhibit - I want you to think of one that looks hideous, ugly, drab, cluttered and completely unattractive in every way. Got the picture? Now ask yourself a simple question - would you be attracted to such an exhibit? Would such a painting make you feel good inside when you look at it? Thought about it? No. That's why such creations don't get to be shown. Now get this - you have an image in your mind of today's to-do list. And if you're someone who has trouble acting on the things you know that need to be done - I can guarantee you that your "mental to-do list" resembles the object I have just discussed.

What can be observed with "procrastination" is that the mental to-do-list of procrastinators is usually very cluttered. It's out of focus, unattractive, and generates unpleasant feelings when the person thinks about it. If you relate to the above, can you see why it's so hard to get things done? On the other hand - those who are high achievers, those who act on good ideas as soon as possible... those who seize the day... and not have to deal with procrastination, achieve their goal very fast. Their mental to-do lists are so attractive looking, clear and in focus that they feel wonderful just thinking about the tasks they have to do. If you painted their mental to-do list on a canvas, it could be beautiful enough to hang in a museum.

THAT is the difference.

Our Mind is like a movie

Your mind is the creator of all that you achieve. You can influence the images you create in your "mind's eye".
The pictures, images and movies you create in there are like your "inner movie". And just like an actual movie, you can modify the pictures. You can turn the brightness up and down, the contrast, the sound! You can even change the size and shape of the picture! You can do all those things and more with the pictures you create in your mind. And the good news - it's incredibly easy!

You are the Producer

There is one key distinction, however, about the "mental movie" you have; in the mental movie you are the producer. You can create your own movies... your own images... anything! That's good news because you can create a mental to-do list for you that's so attractive that you naturally want to do the things on it. And if you do that, guess what? You will have beaten procrastination!

The First Step

Think about the things you'd like to get done over the next 24 hours. How do you produce these in your mind? First, notice the content of the picture. Are there a lot of things going on? A lot of different tasks you would like to complete? Does it seem slightly chaotic - or overwhelming? Chances are, it does. Okay, so the first role as "mental movie producer" is to get rid of the chaos! The fact is it is very hard to do more than one task at a time; especially tasks that require concentration. Nowadays "Multitasking" has become a catchword. I think it is a myth. Everybody has to attend to one thing at a time and then change over to another task. Perhaps the so-called multitaskers are good at switching from one job to the other and back, but they still have to give full attention to one task to be able to complete it.

Sure, you may be able to walk as well as chew bubble gum, but could you write a book and play golf at the same time? Not possible. So your mental to-do list should have the most important and urgent job on top of the list. The one you'd like to do next. Just concentrating on one task at a time will help you achieve your goals. You won't feel overwhelmed. Therefore, you'll feel good about just doing whatever needs to be done and about yourself. And your to-do list will get shorter very fast. Crossing the completed task off your list will give you a great feeling of achievement and relief. But this is just the beginning.

Change The Picture!

Notice that you have now in your mind one task. Ask yourself: is it in focus or out of it? For most people who have trouble getting stuff done, it's usually because it is out of focus. Now try to put your task into focus. What, you didn't know you could do that? Hey, it's your mind. Just as you can turn the contrast up on a television, you can do that with whatever mental pictures you create. So just bring it into focus, then notice how you feel - does this make you feel stronger about getting that task done? Bet it does! Adjust the focus until you feel as strong as possible about getting it done.

Next - notice the colors. Are they bright and vibrant, or drab and boring? Most people who have trouble getting tasks done visualize them in very dull colors in their mental images when thinking about them. Just as you can change the color ratio and brightness on a television, so you can with your mind's images!
Go ahead! Brighten the colors up. Outright change them if you wish. Experiment! Everyone's mind is different - but you WILL know when you find the colors and brightness that are best for you. How? Because it will change your feelings about the task you have to do next. The better the color combination and brightness, the more excited you will be to do that task. Now increase its size and proximity. How close is the image you created in your mind? Could you reach out and touch it, or is it far away. Bring it up real close. Move it to the center, the right, the left. Move it away. Find the location of the picture that makes you feel best about acting on that task. Again, it will just "feel" right. Do the same with size. Double the size of the image. Then double it again. For some people, bigger, larger than life pictures make them motivated to act immediately on the task. For others, it's smaller pictures. How do you know? By doing the exercise and noticing how your mind responds. It's all about playing around with different combinations until you get the right one. This will make you feel incredibly good about yourself when you think about the task at hand! That's the secret of immediate action - associating great feelings with getting work done.

Create your own sounds.

For some people, there will be sound accompanying their mental to-do list. Usually it's their internal dialogue. That "voice" inside your head. Listen to the tonality of the voice. Does it sound strong and powerful? If you struggle with procrastination, it probably doesn't. A great tip: the more often you practice harmonious "internal dialogue" tonality, the better you'll feel, and the more you'll get done. Remember that communication is largely non-verbal. It isn't so much what you say, but how you say it. It's true internally as well. Try this: say "I will never amount to anything, I am a failure" in a wimpy, pitiful, crybaby voice. Now repeat the same line in the most cheerful, positive, convincing and powerful voice you can - "I will never amount to anything, I am a failure" Imitate someone who's voice you find very positive. How do you feel when you talk to yourself in a cheerful, positive, powerful voice? Feels good, doesn't it? Even if you belittle yourself by saying "I will never amount to anything", it doesn't affect you, because the voice is so powerful. What if you had that same voice in your head telling you that you WILL achieve your next task in wonderful, powerful, exciting and fastest possible ways. Now you're combining great verbal commands with powerful tonality.

Great! I also like to add music in there... 50 bold, strong choir singers singing about how wonderful I will feel doing the task, and a powerful orchestra pumping me up and making me feel good. The result? I get a TON of stuff done, and more importantly, I feel wonderful doing it! And you can do the same. The best part is, if you do this a few times, it will become a habit. Or what will be your "default setting". Soon, just by association, you'll naturally start thinking of your next task... and it will be in a beautiful, attractive image that makes you excited. It will be accompanied by a powerful inner voice of encouragement. You will begin to link so much pleasure and power with taking up the challenges in your life that will promise you success, that success will be inevitable.

So do not procrastinate any longer - you are missing out on a lot of fun and success.

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