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When you look up the definition of lie, you will find a very detailed one. It is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others, often with the further intention to maintain a secret or reputation, protect someone's feelings or to avoid a punishment for one's actions.

Almost each person has lied to someone. And we all think that a lie is not good. We are told that we should be honest and should not lie to others, or there will be misunderstandings and so on. However, there is a type lie that can be of no harm to others. What's more, it can even save one's life. That is a white lie. As for it, I want to tell you its 3 main advantages by showing examples.

1. White lie can save one's life, giving people hope for the future.

That was a real story. An old mother got a serious disease of kidney and may die soon without an exchange of kidney. Her eldest son wanted to donate his kidney to her. However, the mother opposed his decision in that she loved her son too much. And she would rather die than do harm to her son. The only way they could do was to wait for the relative matched kidney.

Unfortunately, they waited for a long time with no result. The mother's condition became more and more serious. The son could not wait any longer and decided to donate his kidney for his mother. They still did not tell the mother where the kidney was from after the successful surgery. What's more, the mother did not know that his dearest son was lying in the next room. And when she wanted to see her son, her family members just told her that he was on his business trip.

In fact, the mother was deceived by her son and all her other family members, yet she was alive. Are you moved after reading the real story. Can you feel the strength bringing by a white lie. This white lie is great and it even saved one's life.

2 Magical power of white lie

White lies have a magic power, inspiring people step forward over and over again, and encouraging people never give up their dreams. Thus, they have a good mood for the future and their lives become better and better, all because of white lie.

There is a student who was not good at distance running, yet he was told that he ran faster than any other students. Meanwhile, he was even told that he had the opportunity to participate some important competitions by representing the school. What he was told to do was working hard. The teacher, in fact told a white lie to encourage the boy.

The student was very excited after listening to the teacher's advice because he did not have the confidence in long-distance running. Since then, he fell in love with the long-distance running and he practices it every day. To everybody's surprise, the boy was chosen to participate in an important competition between schools as the representative.

3 White lies make life harmonious

White lies are beautiful. We make white lie to our friends or families because we love them too much. White lie may become understanding, respect or even tolerance when we make white lie for others happiness or wishes.

There are many parents who do not tell their children for the first time when they do not feel good. They are, in fact, fear of disturbing the children's normal work or study! I have ever bought my sister a Bluetooth stereo headset from an online store, which was cheaper than that sold in shopping mall. However, I told I bought it in a shopping mall since they look the same. My sister was really happy. And when I told her the truth accidentally, she said that was ok and she liked it very much. She did not blame me but thanked me instead.

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