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Due to the worldwide success of the Power Balance product and brand, there have been various companies claiming that they are the only ones selling the real Power Balance Wristband. We are here to set the record straight once and for all and let you decide which wristband is counterfeit, the following are the reasons given to spot a counterfeit.

What is the power balance wristband

It is designed to react positively with your body's natural energy field, with millions of people in the UK benefitting, including the team here at the power balance 2010 offices.

Price below #30

The first claim is that if the item is selling for less than #30 is fake that is not true. Most of these companies are only in for a quick profit; to be honest anyone selling a wristband for more than #15 is ripping you off. Yes the wristband has a hologram that helps with the body natural energy flow, but this hologram does not make the value of the wristband at #30. Also the hologram does not work on everyone, I wear one every day and I can feel the difference in my energy flow but mine cost #10 if it didn't work then I would have been ok with losing a tenner but #30 is a lot to lose on a placebo.


Are the products made in the UK? All wristbands are made in china that is a fact whoever is selling them it does not matter they are all coming from China, some sellers are claiming to have distribution rights in the UK, Not true.

How do I know I am buying the real item?

  1. Use an appropriate, safe means of online payment to get some protection against non-delivery for example PayPal.

  2. Look for evidence of a physical address or telephone contact details

  3. Most importantly if there is a phone number contact the seller and ask as many questions as you would like.

  4. Check whether the company has a privacy statement that tells you what it will do with your personal information.

In summary i would like you the client to be happy and comfortable with your purchase and the words of my mentor Tony Robbins "Live With Passion."

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Power Balance - The Originator of Performance Technology
Founded in January 2007 by athletes with a strong background in holistic care, Power Balance is wholly committed to creating innovative, quality, and stylish products that our customers are excited to tell their friends about. We believe people of all ages and walks of life should have access to our wearable performance technologies that maximize individual performance and help each of us enjoy life to its fullest. We are a family based in the bedfordshire area of the UK.

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