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I think we have all heard these quotes many times, "what you put out you receive back tenfold," "what goes around comes around," we say these things freely, do we believe them?

These quotes are absolutely true one hundred percent! We tend to say things like this with ease usually when sitting in judgment of others, and we mean it, we can see that the action of someone will bring 'justice', likewise we see a good deed and know that the person will receive good back, but when it comes to ourselves we forget all this, why?

Judgment - what We Put Out!

We tend to separate ourselves from others, we have some weird blueprint that convinces us that we are either better off or worse off than someone else! We are not singular we are one, and the first thing we must get right is to stop sitting in judgment! It is easy to judge, and we may say that it is human, but we are more than that, much bigger than just human, and there is a difference between an opinion and judgment.

We can sit for a while and think about our opinion of something, although it is not good to spend too much time on it, this is healthy as long as we only think in positive terms, but to judge is negative, and a waste of time and energy. We are all here to learn and we will all make choices that sometimes don't turn out to be the best ones, they are not mistakes just lessons, so instead of making judgment, maybe we could help a person to see a different way, not "the error of their way's," but a new way! Maybe we could share our opinion?

Does this Feel nicer and kinder? Can we see that this is growth for us too? It works the other way around too, so if a person did something we admire, then can we learn form that? Can we share their opinion? Thinking this way makes us expand and feel better, much nicer than judgment thoughts!

What And How You Think Will come Back to You!

There is probably a time we can remember when someone judged us, it does not feel nice and we shrivel under a dark cloud, but the same thing happens when we judge others, we think negative, have a nasty taste in our mouths, and a snarl on our face! We are thinking and feeling horrible things, these will reflect back to us! Remember what we put out!

So the moral is, yes we are human and these things are our lessons. Trying to be non judgmental and look at everything as an opportunity to grow is the way we will learn to live in peace and show love to all things and experiences, the way we are meant to live as one. When we have this mentality we see light in everyone and everything rather than negativity!

It's not rocket science, just a nice way to live!

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It is not easy to stop negative thought, especially when we are upset or angry about something or with someone, but it is so much nicer to let it go. We will only draw negativity to ourselves if we don't get over it. To judge another is not good, it holds us all back, what we put out we receive back ten fold! Learn how to let go and forgive, see all things in light and not judgment! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!
Cheryl Fauvel

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