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One of the important problems we face is:

How to rear our children appropriately so that we all are happy while ensuring maximum blossoming of our children to the best of our and their potentials and satisfaction?

Depending on the mental make up and several other factors such as cultural, geographic, political and other circumstances; opinions vary in terms of details.

Thus upbringing of children varies from extremely hedonist way to extremely fanatic and oppressive way. But in general parents are torn apart in the dilemma of; "Whether to pamper the children and leave them to their fate or force them coercively to "study and enter the rat race of amassing money and power?" The conflict is perennial and in every household.

The arguments in favor of both view points are equally strong and we don't intend to elaborate on those arguments; because; in both cases the very intention of "all concerned being happy while ensuring maximum blossoming of children to their potentials and to the best of our and their satisfaction" is lost.

This balance can be articulated in simple words as; "we should not throttle children according to our whims and fancies in any respect on the one hand; and we should not leave them to get destroyed in the fire of their own whims and fancies either!

This subtle balance between discipline or restrictions and pampering or freedom; is achieved through the practice of NAMASMARAN that imparts inner strength, security and harmony to ourselves and the children.

We as (future or present) parents, teachers, counselors, or friends, philosophers and guides; have a golden opportunity to GIVE this most PRECIOUS GIFT viz. NAMASMARAN to our own as well as the children world over. This wonderful ensures that we all ARE and WOULD BE happy while ensuring maximum blossoming of us and the children; to the best of our and their potentials and satisfaction.

NAMASMARAN enables us and the children to make the most of life; every moment and in any field of activity we are in and they choose. NAMASMARAN enlightens and immortalizes every moment irrespective of the field of activity.

In absence of NAMASMARAN; we and the children lose every moment that could blossom life and manage to merely exist as caricatures! It is like having a glass of nectar or ambrosia and not being able to drink due to unawareness.

NAMASMARAN however; should not be blindly believed or blindly disbelieved with casual approach! It has to be taken seriously; and studied, thought over, argued, discussed etc. But all the doubts and reservations vanish through practice only; and it is then that we realize that NAMASAMARAN has to be not only practiced, but encouraged, taught, preached, advised, imparted, and promoted, with TOP PRIORITY for individual and global blossoming.

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