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Many people are frustrated with career or home business stagnation. They find themselves stuck in the same position at work while others continually bypass them with promotions. Some people stare at their home business bottom-line and wonder why it never grows. We can even include those who never seem to be appointed to leadership positions in volunteer organizations either, despite years of participation.

Do you wonder why this is happening?

A study of history has revealed some common characteristics of those promoted. To have serious breakthrough give yourself an honest assessment of whether or not you have any or all of these personal characteristics: Are you loyal, faithful and responsible? Are you trustworthy?

What does it mean to be "loyal?"

To be loyal is complete dedication and support of authority. This dedication and support is demonstrated by actions as well as words. Are you for sale? There may be offers from other companies and people but there is not a constant search for something else or something better. People know if you are always "keeping your eye open for other opportunities" (so to speak). This characteristic involves a focus on everything except ones' self.

What does it mean to be "faithful?"

To be faithful is to graciously accept the tasks assigned and endeavor to complete then in an unrelenting manner. The picture of "faithful" is a "never-tiring" endurance in that which one sets out to accomplish. This is a never-ending and unyielding climb over obstacles. This is not an emotional state with fear and sweat that others can see and feel sorry for. It is solid and enthusiastic.

What does it mean to be "responsible?"

The characteristic of being "responsible" is an acceptance of the outcome. If the outcome is flawed or falls short, there is an acknowledgment of participation and understanding that ones' actions may have contributed to the shortfall. Following events that "fall short" of expectations there is a self-analysis and a desire to learn from the mistakes that were made and improve. One who is responsible always carries their "weight."

What is it to be "trustworthy?"

The characteristic of being "trustworthy" is one that sees tasks through to completion even if they are not fun, easy or desirable. A trustworthy person is reliable and available in all situations. As the word spells out, this type of person can be trusted to never cheat, steal or make false statements.

In summary, if you are stuck in career stagnation or mired in a slow-growing home business, why not take a look at whether these personal characteristics are evident. Make these four personal characteristics yours to ensure successful promotion in careers. Make these characteristics yours and you will be perceived by consumers and prospects as the one to work with!

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By: Walton Miller

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