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The worst way to punish someone is to make him do what he loathes doing the most. But at times intentionally or unintentionally you end up choosing this mode of self-destruction by sticking to a professional life that doesn't interest you at all. Often circumstances are such that despite your abhorrence, for a particular work/ workplace, for many reasons like its innate profile, growth prospects, bosses, colleagues, etc, one is forced to slog in a hackneyed job. Maybe monetary requirements are a strong pull that make many professionals hang onto a dull job. However, what most of them fail to realize is that the miracle of a new job will not happen until they stop giving in to their 'uninteresting' jobs and do something about it. While we're not hinting at 'quitting' as the final solution, we suggest you to find ways to fall in love with your existing work.

Make the Right Beginning: well begun is half done. Take special care while picking a job. When you love your job, you stand a much better chance of excelling in it, no matter what the odds are, while choosing a job, just mentally check - does the job require you to employ any of the skills you have acquired over time? Do your talents/ skills overlap with the framework of the job? Is the job a creative one calling for intellect and thought, or is it just a routine one involving repetitive, mechanized actions each day?

Break the Monotony: Every job gets boring after some time. The best way to freshen up is to do the old thing in a new way. This brought a new zeal into your work pattern. Meeting daily deadlines not only triggered your confidence, but also bought back the lost zeal. Setting new targets, changing your work pattern, playing with time-lines are some way that help to break the monotony that help to break the monotony that seeps into a job over a period of time.

Don't Complain Do Something: Try and identify what you don't like. This would help you to understand the exact reason for your dislike and what your can do to overcome it. It is better to get down and improve things that are keeping you unhappy at your workplace, rather than incessantly cribbing, criticizing and complaining about all that is going wrong. Talk to your boss about how you're feeling. Focus on how your needs are not being met. On the other hand, if a colleague is the bone of contention, then an easy way out is to minimize contact. If you can, move your desk, change your hours, get on a new team - do whatever it takes to insulate yourself as much as possible.

Make a Difference: Often, people develop and aversion when job recognition stops coming their way and they become just another employee. Remember that recognition is always earned. So, get on the job by making a difference at your workplace. Be it by helping a colleague in a particular project or doing some thing that your co-workers had failed to achieve - making an impact should by your policy. Share what you know and be a mentor to get mentored. When you share willingly, people are also more willing to help you. Also, awareness of your positive contribution is your office will increase your popularity quotient thereby adding punch to your job.

Appreciate the Positives: Not everything can go wrong in a job. Since, you have not run away till now clearly shows that there are some positives that are keeping you glued do it. So, instead of getting bogged down by the negatives, start appreciating the positives. A job should do more than feed your family - it should feed your creativity and add a sense of self as well.

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