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If you have been told that you need help from a counsellor, or you have decided yourself that you need help, then it can be quite difficult choosing a good counselling firm.

There are many counselling firms out there, so how do you choose the best?

The first consideration is how close they are to you. It is much easier if you choose a company which is close to where you live or work, so that you can get there easily. You do not want a long and complicated journey there which will make you feel even more stressed before you start.

Pop in to the place and chat to the receptionist and just get a feel for the office and surroundings. You need to be able to relax while you are there as well as feel secure and so you can get an idea about this form being there. Ask to see the qualifications of the people that work there. It should give you confidence if you know that the counsellors have good qualifications. Cost could be an issue as well. Make sure that you find out how much they are charging because if you struggle to pay the bills, because you have to find the cost of the counsellor, then this could make your problems even worse.

Lastly have a trial session with a counsellor there. This should give you an idea of what they are actually like and you will know whether you feel happy and relaxed and able to open up to them.

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