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Are you kinky? Do you find feet sexy? If you do, you know that it can be hard to find a partner who shares your foot fetish and is eager to become your dominatrix. You may not be sure where to look, so here are a few suggestion.

Let me define foot fetishism for those who are unfamiliar, it's a sexual attraction to the feet which may involve one partner dominating the other. Both receive rewards and punishment related to behavior involving the feet.

They type of sexual behavior regarding the feet can vary. It can be simple stroking and washing or violent kicking and trampling. The obsession may involve worship in the form of kissing or sniffing which often results in some form of reward. Believe it or not it's not that hard to find a partner for your foot fetish. The best place to look is the mainstream dating community. It just takes some imagination and effort.

There are dating services that are designed for foot fetishists but they can include exorbitant membership fees. Additionally, it may not even be necessary for you to join such an dedicated dating service. You may find what you're looking for on a traditional dating web site which has millions more members.

Just find a dating site that appeals to you and join. Many offer free memberships to new members. After you've joined you can craft your membership profile in such a way that people with the same interest in feet will know you share their obsession. This may even lead to you connecting with forums and groups where you may find a suitable partner.

Some dating web sites will allow you to do searches for particular profiles using specific words. Type in the words "feet", "master"? and "fetish"? and you should be able to pull up several people who are also foot fetishists. You should be able to find someone to be with in no time. You look for one partner or several. The choice is yours.

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