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Be ready to understand the power of focus is in your mind. You have to determine that you will be "in focus" to get the attention ready to learn what you are watching or reading.

How many books, CD's, webinars, forums, and seminars have you gained knowledge from?

You gain knowledge when you set up your mind, body and environment to be focus on what you are learning.

But not only you have to set up your mind, body or environment in focus, also you have to train your mind to apply the principles you have learned.

we ask ourselves, where do we focus our energy on?

What should I just totally ignore? What if I ignore the good stuff and focus on the wrong stuff? Where we are going to go? That will be a total disaster!!

Many people said that the knowledge is power, but the statement is not completed. Yes, knowledge is power but power comes from apply it with true focus.

Be ready to plug into some of the most cutting edge training that will take you to the next level of leadership. Learn, but focus in apply the knowledge.

Remember that we are living in a community and that is for the well of the whole community. We have to be focus and apply knowledge as we learn, and as one said it has not historically been a good guarantor of longevity.

The more we be in focus and apply the knowledge the longevity will be seal by ourselves in the industry. The fact is that shared interest can now create that longevity and it what makes the current change historic.

This is the secret of the open source ecosystem and, by extension, of all the large-scale and long-live forms of sharing, collaborative work, and collective action now being tried. Because anyone can try anything, the projects that fail, fail quick, but the people working on those projects can migrate just as quickly to the things that are visible working.

According to Clay Shirky in his book, 'Here Comes Everybody' he said that unlike the business landscape, they can have, in comparison with the companies, an incentive to hide both successes one for competitive advantage, and failure, the other perception of weakness, he open source projects advertise their successes and get failure for free.

This is just what happens when we don't focus on applied the knowledge we will get the failure for free. Also he said that the open source movement teaches us is that the communal can be at least as durable as the commercial.

But that is what we don't want to happens. He asked... 'Do the people who like it take care of each other?' and that turns out to be a better predicted of success than 'What is the business model?' And the really thing is that as the rest of the world gets access to the tools one reserved for the techies, that pattern is appearing everywhere, and it is changing society as it does.

This is the true secret of what should be our behavior to focus on the new method that is present in front of our eyes and if we do not apply the knowledge will stay in the space. We have to download it to our mind, body and environment so we can say afterwards, yes, I learned because I was 'in FOCUS'.

This is really a reflection of how we have to act when you are learning from training. Most of the people don't learn what they are supposed to because they are not focus, really focus on the knowledge.

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Piedad Montes de Oca

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