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1. In desperate situations, people are pushed to attempt what was previously dangerous and non negotiable. A employer who pushes employees to the edge of the cliff should not be surprised when the exodus commences. Flight is sometimes a result of the employer ignoring the plight and rights of those who should fight.

2. Just as magnets fish out metallic objects so does vision attract provision. Ideas and mental pictures usually have open invitations to resources that are necessary to make them a reality. You may have all the resources you need but they can only be useful when they initiate combustion in the ideas engine.

3. We can tell your best personal attributes by the qualities of the people who enjoy your company. People usually linger around you for specific attributes they can benefit from. No one would want the company of one whose bad habits outweigh the good in their own eyes.

4. Every consumer enjoys the privilege of buying more with less. Quantity is usually the concern of those with less money while quality is the focus of those with a bigger financial base. Your maturity as a consumer is being able to strike a balance between quality and quantity in every purchase regardless of amount.

5. Always endeavor to stand taller than the image you see of yourself in the corner of your mind. There is usually a chance that you may not have the correct mental calibration to tell the truth about who you are and what you are capable of doing.

6. Decision making should go past the confession ritual where you merely talk about having done the decision. It should migrate to a real mental determination to act on the decision currently being paraded. You can never know another person's thoughts and intents hence you can only believe that what the mouth proclaims is what has been truly decided.

7. It is good to have a big capacity to contain great things. Capacity in itself is not enough; it has to be complemented by proper position to receive otherwise it remains potential that is talked about and not realized. You may be intelligent and have great capacity to do a lot in life but if you remain distanced from the knowledge tunnel you die with unrealized potential.

8. You can always create time and allocate resources for what you consider valuable. No one can ever manage to talk you out of your passion. Whoever tries risks being frustrated in the futile exercise.

9. Some people become successful by intentionally standing in strategic places at the right time. It is not enough to have potential. Your potential must be vulnerable to the harassment that opportunity brings. Potential will never be realized by observation, it is by action.

10. God is so faithful and generous with opportunities. He sends down an idea which can potentially be received by many people in one moment. The difference comes on the willingness and expediency in the receivers to work on the idea to make it real to others. That becomes the gap between success and wishful thinking.

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Rabison Shumba is an author, businessman and philanthropist. Writer of the book. He is author of the award winning, The Greatness Manual. He is Founder and CEO of Infotech Solutions and Chairman of the Greatness Factory Trust. Rabison speaks about success, leadership, motivation and inspiration. Rabison is well traveled having been to Asia, America, United Kingdom and all over Africa. He is married to Jacqueline Edwards and they have two children. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. His site http://greatnessmanual.wordpress.com will transform the way you live your life.

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