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Have you ever got over a difficult period of you life by listening to a particular song? Months later, you are listening to the radio and that same song comes on, making you recall those difficult times? If you have, congratulations, you?ve experienced first hand the power of an anchor.

What is an anchor? An anchor is something that we see, hear, touch, smell or taste which makes us recall a past experience or event. In the case above, the song was an anchor as it made you remember a sad experience. Whenever you hear this song playing again, your mind is jolted into recalling the sad feelings during that period of your life.

How can you use anchors to your advantage? To be able to use anchors to your advantage, you must first create an anchor. Basically, you would have to link a memory, feeling or experience to something.

For example, when you?re feeling very motivated and happy, listen to a particular song. Relax your mind and ?feel? the song thoroughly. The next time you?re feeling stressed or pessimistic, look up this particular song and listen to it again. You?ll be able to recall the positive feelings you initially felt when listening to this song, which you?ll then be able to transfer to your current state to make you feel better.

You could also use anchors to persuade other people. For example, food plays a vital role in political fund raising these days. The distinguished psychologist Gregory Razran called this the ?luncheon technique? and concluded that food produces a variety of responses from humans; in particular, it produces a good and favorable feeling. Thus, this pleasant feeling is induced in the guests at a fund raising dinner when the food is served, which leads to more funds being raised.

So the next time you want to clinch an important business deal or make a positive impression on your date, take the other party to a restaurant which serves good food. The positive feelings that are associated with food will be passed on to the other party, thus making them more likely to favor you and agree with your requests.

If you?re a teacher and you want to motivate your students to do well, you could consider using an anchor. Whenever a student does well for an assignment or test, praise him or her for a job well done and generate positive feelings in the student. The next time a student is working on an assignment or test that you set, he or she will remember the positive feelings that they felt when they had done their assignment or test well and this well fire up their desire and motivate them to do well in the current test / assignment and the following ones as well. Hence, you will never have to worry about students failing tests or not handing in assignments!

An anchor is what we call a covert persuasion technique as the person whom you?re applying it on normally has no idea that you?ve used such a technique on them. As with all persuasion techniques, I?m not going to say that anchors work 100% of the time. However, I can assure you that they?ll subtly increase your chances of successfully persuading someone to agree to your requests.

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By: Vincent Kyle Ng

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