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Most of us do not take time out to assess our lives very often. For this reason, we are sometimes surprised to see that the course of our lives has somehow changed direction when we apparently weren't paying attention.

Many of us realize how hard it can be to change our course when we're in mid-stream, in much the same way that it is difficult to change habits once they have been formed. If we choose to live a life of purpose and consequence, we need to make sure that our intentions and our actions keep us on the pathway to that goal. That means that we need to be consciously aware of our attitude and our behavior and that perhaps we should be taking stock of our current status from time to time.

Living a purposeful life does not necessarily mean that we are completely organized and that we are able to check off everything on our "to-do" list each and every day. Much the contrary, often it means that we override some of the things we felt we needed (or wanted) to do with something else that came up that we deemed more important. Many times it means that we set aside our plans to take care of someone else's needs. These instances often provide us with a much better use of our time than what we had originally planned.

If we find that our days are out of balance with too much work or too much play or even too much idle time, it would be to our benefit to work on getting a better rhythm going. If we lack enough social interaction perhaps we should look for ways that we can spend more time with others. The reverse is also true, if we find that we never have time to ourselves we should readjust our schedules so that there is some time to call our own. These times are necessary for the contemplation and reflection that help to keep our lives balanced.

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