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Whenever you see somebody living an amazing result, you are in the presence of someone who has discovered their passion. Passion derives from purpose and purpose extends from knowing who you are what you were meant to do.

Purpose is what supplies the fuel for passion. It's almost impossible to create an outstanding result with purpose.

Developing passion is like tuning an old transistor radio to the station called - your authentic self. It's getting in touch with your inner voice and having a conversation. Sounds a bit weird, doesn't it?

For Kelly Slater, the worlds greatest surfer, he describes it as "I remember feeling... the ocean was talking to me. You find the wave, and the wave finds you." It's that form of knowing that needs no words - it operates on a gut level.

When you live with passion there's an effortless component that infuses your journey. You bathe in that divine stream that's connected to your purpose and life.

You'll feel passion manifest itself in many forms: exhilaration, joy, bliss, and a sense of timelessness; when you become unaware of time, and the clock has no meaning, you are in a state of purposeful "flow."

How does one discover purpose? It's important to note that you don't have identify and categorize your purpose at this very moment.

What you need to do is trust. Because, within you is a pile of fuel ready logs waiting to be lit on fire.

On the journey of discovering your purpose you'll dream bigger, go to new places, soak in new sights, and take new adventures.

To start, you'll need to take the necessary actions to manifest your purpose and discover your passion. So do it now, discover your purpose and live with passion.

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