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Did you know that your name has far, far more meaning than the simple one you find in name books?

Are you aware that all your names are affecting your personality, your relationships, your health, your path in life and more? I find it fascinating that we can unlock the secrets within our birth names and therefore understand ourselves better and reach our full and true potential!

I will explain shortly how to find out YOUR name meanings, but first, have you ever wondered why some people seem to 'get all the luck' while others seem to struggle endlessly?

I know I have wondered that. When I studied the power of name meanings it really shed light on why some go through life attracting plenty of money, love, success and good health while others go from crisis to crisis, never seeming to find the right balance. Many people are a mixture of these two extremes. Why do some people experience more than their 'fair share' of loss while others attract abundance in all it's forms?

If we look at the possibility that our names are affecting us in many powerful ways throughout our lives, and that some names have a positive effect while others may bring a more negative influence then we can start to make some sense of this.

It would certainly help to explain why famous people only experienced success and recognition AFTER they changed their name. Would Elton John have been as successful if he had kept his original name of Reg Dwight? Would Meg Ryan have been as memorable with her original name of Margaret Mary Emily Ann Hyra? I have read interviews with celebrities who say that their manager or agent insisted they changed their name as soon as they started working with them. On some level, they know the power of a name.

How to reveal 'what does my name mean':

According to the ancient system of numerology, each letter in our names corresponds to a different number - for instance the letter B corresponds to the number 2 and N corresponds to the number 5. By applying the relevant number to each letter of your names, and then adding these together to give a final number, we can start to reveal our name meanings. This final number has qualities which we can then read about and study to understand a particular aspect of ourselves. There are different calculations we can do to reveal different aspects of ourselves.

For example by adding up the numbers from your full birth name you will arrive at your Life Expression Number (also known as your Destiny Number) which tells you about your life's purpose and what you should, ideally, DO in life.

Another example is that by adding together the numerical value of the vowels in your full birth name, you will discover your Soul Urge Number (also known as your Heart's Desire Number) which tells you about your secret thoughts and wishes, your INNER nature and your desire to do or BE.

Imagine how useful it would be to know the best type of work you are suited to. Imagine understanding why you act the way you do and how to get the best out of yourself and your life so you are as fulfilled as possible. What if you knew what health areas you should take extra care of...

Don't worry if this all sounds a little complicated, there are 2 simple solutions. One is to use the step-by-step numerology calculation charts on my website. The other is to order your personal numerology report (it's free) which will not only do all the calculations for you, but will interpret them too!

It's an incredibly useful tool which you can read and study to help yourself in all areas of your life. It is very useful too for helping you to understand another person - their numerology report will reveal the whole person, not just the side they show you.

What will your name reveal about you?

I hope you will find that discovering 'what does my name mean' will benefit you throughout your life.

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