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Did you know that color has the ability to evoke emotions? Most of you do... but, do you know which ones evoke which emotion? This fun and useful information about just a few colors in the palette will help you use color to:

1. Counteract negative emotions

2. Encourage positive emotions

3. Look and feel your best.

GREEN: brings feelings of relaxation, happiness, comfort, peace and hope. It can be very healing emotionally to spend time looking at green in nature. If you live in a climate where green "goes away" during winter look at beautiful pictures and videos during these months.

YELLOW: evokes feelings of energy, happiness and excitement. It is connoted with summer and sunshine. Soak it in whenever you can!

BLUE: induces a relaxing and calming effect. Think how you feel when sitting by the ocean watching and listening to the waves roll in... or laying on your back staring up into the sky.

RED: brings thoughts of love and romance which evokes feelings of happiness and passion.

PURPLE: has always been connoted with royalty, but many connote it with laughter and children. Either way, it can make you feel good when you see it or wear it.

BLUE-GREEN: combines the wonderful emotions both blue and green evoke. Blue-green is a color that is becoming to nearly every skin tone... so, where it with confidence!

YELLOW-GREEN: does NOT combine the wonderful emotions these two colors have separately. It often induce feelings of illness and disgust. Few people can wear this color well. You need to be certain this is a color for you - if it is, you will turn heads.

Whether you just look at color or you wear color - it is a powerful tool. Use it wisely and freely.

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Carin Hansen was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. After a long battle she emerged victorious and began a one-on-one wardrobe and beauty consulting business for other women journeying through cancer. She has been a model, actress, talent agency owner, benefit founder, certified acting/modeling instructor, writer, speaker and passionate cancer advocate. Please visit http://www.bridges2beauty.net for information and products related to beauty and cancer along with self-esteem building. We also invite you to visit her blog at http://bridges2beauty.wordpress.com.

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