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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." (unknown)

When is the last time you felt uncomfortable doing something? This discomfort comes from stretching beyond what you're used to, trying something new, stepping outside of your norms and habits, breaking out of your routine.

It's amazing what opens up to you when you do this regularly - when you challenge yourself to experience new things, take in new information, consider new perspectives.

Because we become so content and complacent in our habits and patterns of living/being, it will take a bit of courage to do this. But as Anais Nin has famously said, "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." Have the courage to expand your experience of life.

You can take a big leap or just a small step - both are acts of courage, and both have amazing benefits to you. An example of a small step might be to attend an event or meeting that you normally would never go to. If you enjoy book clubs, perhaps you check out a NASCAR race one time, just for the experience, just to see what it's like.

I'll share a "big leap" example from my own life: After living on the US' east coast all of my life, I decided to change my perspective and move to the southwest. From there, I knew I'd be closer to all kinds of national parks and scenic spots that I hadn't had the chance to experience previously. Everything is different here - from the people and their ideas about life, to the flora and fauna, to the available activities, and on and on.

The important thing is that you try something new, not whether or not it is successful. The success is in the experience, not the outcome. You will grow from the process - from thinking up the idea of what to try, then planning it, then doing it.

It is in the process of stepping outside of your comfort zone that growth occurs. And by doing this over and over again, through both big and small steps, you will begin to see a new world of possibilities open up to you. Things that before seemed impossible, begin to seem possible.

For more on this, please see my article titled "Break out of your Box".

Let me know what step you've decided to take...how will you get uncomfortable?

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