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Caught your attention didn't I?

Here are some things I could give up:

- Friends who fail me
- Family members who disappoint me
- Work that overwhelms me

However, these are not the things I choose to give up. I choose to keep the friends who fail me as a way to learn forgiveness and patience. I take disappointing family members as opportunities to show the kind of agape love God shows for me. And I tend to not give up on work because it actually energizes my creativity and sparks forward movement. No, I won't be giving up on any of these things soon.

What I choose to give up:

- That stinky negative attitude that creeps in when I'm weak
- The unlovely part of my character that strikes out at unsuspecting subjects
- Those feelings of failure that tend to bring me to the edge of "enough is enough"

Heavenly Father, I want to give up all those things that make me unlovely to you and to the ones I'm commanded to reach. I want my light to be brighter, my spirit to soar sweeter, my radiance to reflect your glory! I want all the things of my life that make me undesirable to drop like a weight that is unchained. I want You to be the governing factor of my entire life. The one who gives me purpose, strength, and courage to continue. I ask that you be those things for me today, Father!

So what do you need to give up?

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Terre K Ritchie, Executive Director, CBH Ministries

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