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I have heard many times that the messages we get from the stories we hear can be very confusing and sometimes even misleading. For instance, we watch Cinderella and fantasize about the rescuer prince or we see Beauty and the Beast and fantasize about rescuing someone and/or changing them into the "prince" we want. Find out from this article the truth about hidden messages that we choose to hear from stores like this.

To tell you my personal story, I never really believed that the prince or the knight in the shiny armor would show up for me so that was not my deal. But just like many other women, I wanted to find my knight in a shiny armor too. So I chose the "Beauty and the Beast" route. I used to believe that if I only loved him enough and be a good girlfriend, I could change the beast into a prince. Only when I learned how things are in real life it became apparent to me that books and stories have many messages in them. Only we are the ones to chose which of those messages we want to hear and believe.

If you really think about it, I seriously doubt that Cinderella would pursue the prince if he was not serious about marrying her, in hopes of him changing his mind. In fact, I believe she only accepted him when he let her know that he was serious about her. I really don't think that Belle, the beauty even had it in her head that she could possibly turn the Beast into a prince. She came back out of love and because she made a promise, not because she wanted to change him.

Now let's look at the films we watch in our adulthood. Some of them have such a strong message about how damaging it is to cling to someone who doesn't want you, it gets really uncomfortable to watch. Take for instance "The Way We Were", "Sex And The City" or "He Is Not That Into You." If you are like me, you could probably relate to the main character of each one of those films who desperately tried to make the guy like her. And if you are like me, you probably felt really uncomfortable watching. That's OK, there is no shame in admitting it. I certainly am not ashamed. But the point that I am trying to make out of this article is that every story you read or hear, in childhood or adulthood has a good message in them. And usually the most profound messages, the ones that we need to hear, are the ones we don't want to hear. But I would like to encourage you to listen.

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