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It's funny because the greatest pleasures in life don't require much money or even other people. Some are a state of being, others an activity or a feeling. Some of life's simplest pleasures are:

1. Looking over at your clock and realising that you still have an hour left to sleep.

This has to be one of the greatest feelings of all time. You're lying in bed, so tired, dreading the moment you have to wake up and take part in life. You roll over sure it must be 7 a.m. already and see that it's only 6! You have a whole other hour to sleep.

2. Hearing an amazing throwback song while listening to the radio.

There's nothing that takes you back to a time and place like a song. A song has the ability to remind us of a memory we might have otherwise completely forgotten ever happened or a person we haven't seen in a while. When a song like that comes on the radio there's really nothing to do other than dance, smile, and sing.

3. Eating something really really delicious.

Food is something that we require to live. While some of us take pleasure is eating good food, many of us just shove it into our mouths in a rush to get on with the rest of our days. But there's really nothing like sitting down and eating something so incredibly delicious that all you want to do is focus on your food. You clean your plate and want to order another one. You leave the restaurant and all you can talk about is how delicious that dish was. Yum.

4. Flying.

We've all had the dream where we could fly. In fact, ask people what they wish their one superpower was and most will say that they wish they could fly. Well unless you're David Blaine and know how to levitate, I can tell you right now that it's not going to happen. Skydiving, bungee jumping, or flying in a hot air balloon, however are very possible and accessible. Try one of these adventures and experience what it would be like to have wings.

5. The feeling of peace.

Most of us don't have too many opportunities to experience peace. And even if we do feel at peace in our lives, we are too distracted by work, life, family and friends to even notice. This is precisely why we all need to check out every now and then. To go somewhere we can clear our minds, close our eyes and breathe. Maybe that place is sitting on a warm beach watching the waves crash, maybe it's on the top of a mountain, maybe it's sitting in your living room with a cup of tea. Wherever it is, go.

So you see, there are many ways to feel happy without having to spend money or depend on other people. Take comfort in these little pleasures, and life's happiness will take on a whole new meaning.

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