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Have you tried a meditation practice but have trouble making it a habit? You can tap in to your power with a daily gratitude practice. Gratitude is an inner resource that can help you experience more of what is good as well as help you find solutions to challenges. Don't take my word for it. Make the 6 easy steps below a daily habit.

Giving thanks everyday is an active form of meditation that has greater benefits than traditional sitting mediation. Three areas to focus on in your daily practice are expressing thanks for what you enjoy having in your life now, for difficulties that you feel you must endure now, and for goals you have yet to manifest.

The 6 steps below are a guide to help you begin a practice. With daily thankfulness, your awareness will expand, to create variations of this process that work perfectly for you.

Step #1: Put your attention on something in your life now that you feel good about having. It can be any subject like a friend, health, a car, home, bank account, a child, and so forth.

Step #2: Say out loud or in your mind or write in a journal, Thank you for _____.

Step #3: Create a mental image of the subject and make a connection to it from your heart.

Step #4: Imagine bringing this connection from Step #3 down into your gut, and then let it go.

Step #5: Go back to Step #1, this time giving thanks for a situation that brings up negative feelings for you. Repeat steps 1-4, using this situation as the subject.

Step #6: Go back to Step #1, and this time, choose a goal you want to have. Express thanks as if it was already in your life now. Repeat steps 1-4, with the goal or desire as the subject.

Expressing gratitude for what you have now helps to increase the frequency at which your energy vibrates. The law of attraction, which many people are familiar with, brings you events and situations that match the frequency your energy sends out. Expressing gratitude is an act of acknowledgment, attention, and acceptance, which are three powerful states of consciousness. People tend to ignore or take for granted the good in their lives, but expressing gratitude for good enables it to expand and increase.

Feeling grateful for situations or events that challenge you seems counter-intuitive. The fact is, however, that resisting or refusing to accept these situations is what keeps them stuck. Ease into this concept if it feels foreign to you by being willing to hold an intention to feel something positive about the challenge. The act of willingness alone will begin to dissolve resistance you may be holding in your body, subconscious, or energy field. Gratitude expressed consistently will eventually release the blocked energy to create space in your energy field for positive vibrations of peace, joy, abundance, and love.

Giving thanks for something you don't have also seems counter-intuitive, but it can work like magic to quicken the process by which the goal will eventually manifest.

Investing in a special notebook to keep by your bedside will train your mind to focus on sustaining your daily gratitude practice. Before going to sleep, list the day's events and interactions you felt good about, then note any moments that felt uncomfortable for you. Finally, record the desires that you expressed thanks for as if they were in your life now. Browsing past entries in your journal, before sleeping, additionally benefits your practice.

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