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Would stripping make you feel Like you were in a proper career?

Would you remove your clothes as a stripper to make a really good income and be able to tell your friends what you do?

For girls in ordinary jobs or no real career prospects, stripping can be very lucrative andcan give you a life you would only really dream of, but you will have to work for it, there is a lot of competition for the big bucks

If you have made the decision that you would like to become a stripper or would like to know more about becoming a stripper, your biggest judge morally will be yourself. If you are ok with it and can stand up to any stigma, then others around you will too.

Becoming a Stripper has disadvantages as well as advantages. The disavantages are as follows, there is the attachment of stigma from friend, family and people you meet, You will be working for yourself so there will be no income that you can rely on every week, and you will have to remove your clothes for strangers (although this may not be a problem for many girls, as it wasn't for me)

If You are thinking about becoming a stripper for a living you must first make sure you have enough money to support you while you are in the learning phase. It is at this phase that most girls decide they cannot do it because they have ran out of money. If you plan well for this phase you will realise that you will learn skills and techniques that help you make money. But you will need time to learn all these things, and while you are in this phase, you will have to pay for clothes, travel, and club fees which can really add up.

When I started stripping over 4 years ago, I used to be a student luckily, so I didn't care about my earnings. I was happy if I can go and get some drinks on a friday night and pay for my dorm.So make sure you have enought to help you get through those tough few weeks

There are many girls who start working in this industry who are absolutely desperate for money. The desperation coupled with the lack of experience is a reciepe for disaster. There is no real quick fix to making money fast, even as a stripper, so make sure you are well covered in this phase.

If you are thinking about stripping as a career, also be aware that you may find it difficult to find a relationship as many potential partners may have the same judgement glasses most people have on. So if you are looking for a relationship, or are in one already, you will need to think about this.

There are many girls who have made a fantastic career stripping and really have grabbed life by the tail. You can too if you decide it is a career choice for you. If you are going to look for information about becoming a stripper or exotic dancer.

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I enjoy writing and although have no site, have done loads of research on other sites which are providing great information for girls who are thinking of choosing stripping as a career choice. Other great sites which I have found to be very useful if you are choosing to become a stripper as a career. These 2 main sites are Jessica Simmonds How to become a Stripper and Ashley' s blog How to become a Stripper and Mia's blog Stripper Blog. This is a site ran by a girl who is a stripper and makes it really easy to understand. I wish you all luck.

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