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The last few days people have been asking me what my New Years resolutions are and my response has been "I don't really have any." In truth, it's not something I even think about. I'm a goal oriented person continually setting goals for different areas of my life. It doesn't necessarily have to be on New Year's.

I have a goal setting system for that works for me. I started it a few years ago after receiving the book "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield as a Christmas present from my great friend Jacqueline. Jack talks about setting goals for the year, "chunking it down" into 90 day segments and then setting weekly goals to move you toward achieving the 90 day goals. He advises having an accountability partner and checking in weekly. It's a system that works.

The newest and hottest book on goal setting is "A year of Possibilities, Create a life of Purpose and Passion." by Helen Valleau. Helen emphasizes the importance of having a vision and clearly articulating that vision and then taking small actions steps daily to move you toward it. "You can spend 10 minutes a day and make great progress." Helen has been facilitating people in manifesting their visions for over 15 years.

Having said all of this, I spent the morning on New Year's Day setting my goals for the next 90 days. I won't share them with you now, but you'll be hearing about some exciting new things I'm working on in the near future. I created the vision for Know Your Difference a few years ago. It was pretty vague when I started but took shape over time. My goal last year was to launch a branding program that would be purposeful and meaningful and help a lot of people - and I achieved that goal - launched the program and have had great support and feedback from all of you - which I thank you for. This years goal? Stay tuned!

Here's my wish for you for the New Year...

That you achieve great clarity, that you create your brand from your passion and vision and you reach the pinnacle of success you have always wanted.

Happy 2011!

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Recognizing the need for 'brand clarity' in small business, Rhonda Page has combined her extensive personal development work with 20 years building global brands to develop Know Your Difference? a program that helps people create brands from their passion and intuition. Know your difference is helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to get clear on how they are different from their competition, so they can market their product or service more effectively.

Rhonda does group coaching with clients, and is about to launch a workbook and e-learning program that guides its user through her insightful and inspiring process.

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