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When considering the Self and Inner Peace there are many people who come to mind that have the appearance to be "at peace" with themselves and the world about them. This doesn't mean they have been free from conflict in their lives or suffering or difficult times in their lives, but it means they have achieved a means of dealing with these life events and maintain the calm. One such person who comes to mind is Mahatma Gandhi, and one of the favorite quotes on achieving Inner Peace is "as human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the 'atomic age' - as in being able to remake ourselves."

Inner Peace doesn't happen by looking around oneself, but it happens by looking within and it's simply that state of being physically, spiritually, and mentally at ease; it's that knowing that every obstacle that comes along is an opportunity to learn from it and become a better person after experiencing it. Most people associate peace with happiness, joy, and bliss.

Most people that have inner peace exude that serenity and calmness and they also have a number of physical aspects that help develop those feelings. Many spend a specific amount of time each day in prayer and meditation; practicing yoga or Tai Chi Ch'uan seems to be a common activity among these people. When in the midst of these people, they seem to have such a sense of well-being, of stillness, of harmony with everything and everyone around them.

What are some of the best ways to achieve this inner peace? One way is to begin to maintain balance in life. If a job is too stressful because it demands long, tedious hours with no appreciation or rewards, it's time to seek another job that allows this balance with work, family, friends, and self. Find various ways to de-stress and relax such as meditating which clears the mind and allows the body to relax and even to find resolutions to an issue at hand. Another way to achieve inner peace is to find those activities that are calming, such as walking along a beach, cross-country skiing through a beautiful setting, or having a picnic in a quiet place and enjoying listening to the birds and watching the wildlife, and feeling the wind on your face. Reconnecting with friends, volunteering, and helping out a neighbor can give one that feeling of accomplishing something that feels really good.

Achieving inner peace for small amounts of time diminishes the negativity in life, and allows one's self to develop good habits, and find new meaningful aspects that promote healthy self esteem and self confidence. When someone has attained the inner peace they are seeking, outside events seem to be minor and don't affect emotions or actions like they once did. That feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness, which gives one a feeling that anything can be achieved and life, is good.

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