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Have you ever thought why all those New Year resolutions don?t work?

It must have happened to you again and again, year after year.

It is a cycle. People make resolutions. They make honest plans to keep their resolutions. Then they can?t keep up with those plans.

Have you ever pondered about the reason?

Most of these resolutions are made under peer pressure and friends who keeps telling us, ?you should do this? or ?you should do that?

These resolutions are made with the conscious mind with no inner motivation to fulfill them. The truth is, no decision ever holds without the approval of our inner mind. So actually these resolutions are like automobiles with empty fuel tanks.

Another important thing, why these resolutions are made on the eve of the New Year?

Because we think the New Year will begin a new phase in our life, which in reality doesn?t happen.

After the New Year parties and celebrations life keeps on moving the same. There are no major changes in our routine, our thinking style, and our friends.

New things can?t happen in a rigid routine. If we keep on doing the same thing we keep on getting the same results. Obviously the resolutions can?t work.

So my practical advice is, break those resolutions. And start creating changes in your routine. Even minor changes will help.

In the morning, brush with the other hand. Switch your watch to the other wrist. Introduce a new dish for your breakfast.

Take a new route to your office. Change the mode of transportation.

Meet new people. Start conversations with the strangers.

It will prepare your mind to embrace new ideas; new influences and that will lead you to new results.

To give you an example, if you keep on spending your time with the same burger loving friend you won?t be able to live up to your weight loss program. It will be very temporary.

But your new friendship with an athlete will inspire you to get involved in physical activity spontaneously. You won?t even realize that you have started living a healthy life, even without pushing yourself.

So tear away the New Year resolution sheet. Break the rigid routine.

Create a new life for yourself in the New Year.

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By: Puneet Bhatnagar

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