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The society moves at the speed of lightning and those who dear enough will actually be able to be in the front of everybody. They will drive the fastest cars, have the most beautiful women and drink from fine glasses.

It is the world we live in and there is nothing we can do much to change that. The reality brings down to a concept that we see how enable is the self-marketing propaganda where the one who has more is better and is more capable.

However it is not only the highly demanded and admired types that hang around but there are also the loose boots. People who are just not willing to do much and that accommodate to humble situations and are not willing to change.

Their situation is the result of inactivity with the purpose of changing their realities. If they would go on into achieving much higher standards and so on, into studying, reading, working harder, they would surely reap the benefits of hard works as well.

The hard thing probably is that they have to face the rejections that life has placed on them and they have to advance regardless and find true meaning to their situations. They can't go like this, just being under achievers and contenting themselves with things of those natures.

So as we see the richest people, although many are there because of their parents and because of somebody, not all are there just because they are there, and even if it was the case, somebody had to do the hard work.

Princes are sons of hardworking kings and so on. I always say that if people are having a good life is most certainly because somebody had to pay the price. This price is always effort that is done and someone always has to work it out and reach it on.

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