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In this new Age of Quantum Physics we are able to introduce the idea of both Quantum Physics and dreams being "timeless."

When we are in a sleeping dreaming state or a having a "Shamanic Experience," particularly when it is taking place in the dark, you are shut off from the outside world and it's perceptions. This is when you are likely to see bizarre super-positions. The dream is a view into the Freudian id or, if you like, the unconscious mind.

Quantum Physics, like dreams does not deal with the "outside" world of matter, but instead with ghostlike clouds of possibilities. These are essences that are in a very real sense "dreamlike." To put it in a more understandable way, by controlling these nebulous, possibilities, one gains some control of the "real world." How and to what extent control is gained may be due to just how correlated and how may sensory experiences are involved in the appearance of events.

Ordinary or non-telepathic dreams differ from telepathic in one way, and that is the data that is collected during the dream. Ordinary dreams usually correlate the days remembered experiences with past associations and/ or future expectations contained in memories.

But telepathic dreams are very different. They tend to correlate feelings and emotions with space-time events.Dreams seem to originate in a way that escapes our normal waking selves. We tend to dream of things that we may never have even thought we had any concern with. Where as our waking awareness is concerned with space-time issues. This Dreaming effect would be very similar to the high level abstraction of Quantum Physics where there is in actuality no breakdown of Space, Time, Energy or Matter called "S.T.E.M."

Our waking awareness is concerned with Space-Time-Matter issues. We organize our daily experiences according to our coordination with Space, Time and Matter. Not so in Dreams. Here we seem to link events, not according to space and time, but to feeling and emotion. This could well be what Shakespeare referred to when he said, "Life is like a Dream within a Dream."

Why would our dreams act this way? Well in Quantum Physics we are also taught the concept that we are all connected. One thought might be that these dreams are assessment damage. While we are awake we are fairly self-centered, individualized and fragmented. During our dreams we seem to rearrange the daily residue of waking life according to different priorities. The dreaming self seems concerned with anything that interferes with it's "connection" with other human and sometimes non-human beings. This is done thorough visual metaphor.

The dream metaphors link feelings and emotions with visual imagery. It has been suggested that we dream and heighten this connection with others to survive not as "individuals," but to survive as a "Whole". This would also suggest that when events become catastrophic, or threatening our survival as a species would sense them in our dreams. Thus the New Age mantra, "We are all One!"

So what are we doing when we are dreaming? We are correlating data syncronistically (in a Quantum Physical,"space like" separated events) with (classical physical "time like " separated events.)

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