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This self help techniques from www.hk4health.co.uk developed by Dr Jimmy Scott can help to effectively switch off allergy reactions in many cases. While similar in appearance to EFT this tapping techniques is specifically geared towards temporarily switching off the reactions you have from coming into contact with a suspected allergen. Taking only 2-3 minutes to do the techniques can save you hours of discomfort due to allergy symptoms. By rebalancing the BioEnergy in a series of specific meridian pathways (as found in acupuncture) the imbalance that was caused by the allergen is temporarily rebalanced, reducing symptoms. The technique will need to be done for each time you re-encounter the trigger but can be safely used repeatedly without harm or risk. The technique works in around 80% of cases with the other 20% consisting of reactions that are either not a result of allergy by our definition, or are more complex energy reactions than this technique is designed to deal with. For further help with allergies and to deal with the more complex cases please contact us. To learn more about the therapy, log on to www.hk4health.co.uk. You can also find out about the health kinesiology training programme on www.healthk.co.uk
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