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In Episode 4, Andy discovers that his half-brother Lowell has stolen the tenets of Andy's self-help process The E-Trinity, and plans to present it as his corporate restructuring program, the E Quad. Written and directed by Daryn Strauss. Director of Photography and Editor: Chris Shimojima Location Sound: Rob L. Hubbard Starring Conan McCarty as Andy Zenk and Duncan Murdoch as Lowell Wishingbone. Stay tuned for more episodes. Named one of YouTube's Top 10 Made for the Web Shows "A fresh and strong voice." New TeeVee "Downsized represents an upgrade in episodic drama." New TeeVee "Think HBO's Hung meets Up in the Air, only worthy of the hype." Daytime Confidential "Downsized has succeeded in giving relevant drama a home on the web." Tubefilter "an adept ensemble cast with no real weaknesses" Tubefilter "some of the most thoughtful visual compositions you'll find in any web series, the style of which perhaps most defines Downsized's quietly moody atmosphere" Tubefilter "believable writing" Tubefilter "Downsized is beautifully crafted and shot as well as perfectly acted." Visioweb.Tv "In these times, the show Downsized is right on the mark." Visioweb.Tv "Tales of economic and emotional woe, inspired by the Great Recession." New TeeVee "Makes you think what it would've been like if the onslaught of the Great Depression had been filmed for an audience to see." Soap World Downsized is a critically acclaimed original made-for-the-web series revolving around people who are <b>...</b>
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