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Things left unfinished and wasn't answered at all gives us such questions that bothers are mind. What about questions you asked yourself that was left unanswered isn't it that frustration suddenly builds up and those unanswered questions pile up.

Try to write down questions and say it out loud in yourself, while sitting down in a quiet place wherein you can freely voice out anything. The question is something you should do, "what will happen to me in the future?"? a question like that will do.

Then if you have thought of something, write it, scribble it in your pad and try to analyze. The first thing that comes out of your head and you have jotted down is called free writing.

Having a mistake in writing the answers is not a big fuss; don't push yourself to write something so good. If you feel like you have to draw, and then let it out, write the things that immediately comes to your mind.

Bring out the child in you; release it from being caged inside your body. Start to be a little kid again and drop the matured you. Using the hands that you do not use to write, let the kid inside of you go out and be free.

In that moment of time there will be no comments, no judgmental hearsays, no wrong answers, no one will count the time; therefore you could keep going on until you let the things you want to express goes out.

When you feel that everything has ended and your inner deprivation has been released, take a deep breath, close your eyes and replenish your soul. Let go of all those scribbled writings, open your eyes to the new world that has overtaken your soul.

Giving yourself an intuitive reading gives yourself the answers to all the questions you never thought would be there. Solutions were brought to you unconsciously; you now have the right guide for you on how you will take in or how will you do something if you were in a give situation. Trust your intuition; it is the power that you hold inside yourself. It's the first thing that goes out of your head and it is the answer to questions inside your head.

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