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As a 17-year-old co-op student in high school, I worked half a day and went to school the other half every day. I loved it. I could make money, finish school, do my homework, and even have a boyfriend all at the same time. What a life.

But the job, well, it left a little to be desired-actually, a LOT. I worked in a hospital doing dictation and typing, but that wasn't the worst and most unusual part. I worked in a Pathology Lab at Pontiac General Hospital for a little known man named Dr. Jack Kevorkian. You remember him, don't you? Dr. Death! Yes, it was my job to type up lab reports for him and I even went to the morgue to take dictation while he did autopsies. Oh heavens, what was I thinking? I have stories only my family will hear of that experience. If my parents had known what I know now...I'm sure they would have flipped for sure.

We all have stories like this in our past. Some of them are funny, strange, and even down-right weird of places we've worked and people we've worked with. That's the part on your resume that goes under experience, you know, that part you always need so you can get the job you want! I love listening to other people tell their life stories. Whether I'm sitting on a plane going overseas, meeting someone new at a party, or even reading a biography, I enjoy learning about others' experiences.

When the end of life comes and I pass on to Heaven's gates, I'd sure love my family, friends, and business associates to think of me as part of their life experiences. What have I given to them? What have they poured into my life that has made me who I am? Have you ever thought about that?

So today make an impact on someone with your life. Whether you tell them about your jobs and family or you ask them about theirs, you make an impact. Be known as the person who gave and who cared, not the person who didn't have the time and didn't think it worth the effort to share with anyone. It's all part of enjoying your time on this earth and you'll grow from listening and sharing. That's what Jesus did, didn't he?

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Terre K Ritchie, Executive Director, CBH Ministries

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