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A farewell written is a soft, friendly, and heart-warming letter written to bid good bye to friends, relatives, or colleagues. Someone who is graduating from college, someone who is switching over job, and someone who is leaving the current place of residence all need to write a farewell letter. It is a medium that describes the cherished moments and challenging situations from the past along with wishful statements for a better and prosperous future.

Writing a farewell letter is powered by several essential components. Some of the most significant are listed below:


Announcement is the first most important component that is attributed to announcing or confirming the departure of an individual. It also includes a brief description of why the person is leaving especially if it is a job change or resignation. The individual should also express clearly and effectively how much it hurts to take this decision but it had to be taken because of some important reason.


Gratitude is one of the sweetest words in the dictionary. It plays a magical role in embedded in the farewell letter. The individual leaving the job or graduating from a university should express a note of thankfulness and appreciation for all the help and support received from his or her colleagues, peers, classmates, teachers, and professors. The leaving person should thank all for their love, support, care, kindness, and help during the tenure. Bonded together in a common bond, expressing gratitude to one and all shows that every moment spent together was a meaningful.


The relevance of this component varies depending upon the reason of leaving. The individual in his or her words and expressions should recall all the beautiful moments shared together and deliver a promise to cherish them throughout the lifetime. Everyone whom the individual is leaving behind should feel special for giving all the wonderful moments and memories to the specified person. The letter should be written in a way that memories live forever in the hearts of the one who is leaving as well as those who are being left behind.

Prayers and Wishes

Prayers and wishes are deliberately most important components when writing a farewell letter. This marks the end of the letter with prayers and wishes for all who are being left behind. Add to the words how much valuable every relationship is and how much everyone will be missed in future. End up with a positive, humorous, and friendly note.

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