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The media are raving about the health benefits of walking right now and we all know it's important to exercise, but walking can do so much more for you: help you think clearly, inspire new ideas, energize you for all you have to do, allow you to see things from a new perspective and give you fresh insights.

What is it about going outside and walking that is so powerful? The fresh air is good for you physically - especially at a time of year when people spend so much time indoors with the central heating on and all the windows closed. (In some buildings the windows aren't even designed to open.) More fresh oxygen to the brain means clearer thinking.

Walking literally gives you a new perspective. Instead of seeing what you always see, you're seeing something new and different. Even if you go on the same walk, something will have changed; nature doesn't stand still. It will send new messages to the brain and give you a new perspective from which to consider everything.

By stepping away from what you're working on, you give it space, you allow yourself to consider it in a bigger context. Different possibilities then open up.

Everything you see on a walk tells a story - maybe the person you're with will tell a story - and stories contain lessons. There is always something to be learnt from a story and that's why cultures all over the world have used stories to educate and guide their people. Even nature tells stories. When you look at a bird's nest or footprints in the mud, you may not consciously think of the whole story but your other than conscious mind will register it. When you notice something about a building that you walk past, same thing. That is why new insights occur to you and new solutions to your problems magically present themselves.

Finally, one of the best ways to feel more energetic and motivated is to do something energetic. The walking itself will give you renewed energy for all you want to do.

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