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Many people do not think that counselling is for them. Hover, there is evidence to show that it can help a lot of people.

Think about an occasion when you have had something on your mind. It can be going around and around and you are not sure what the best solution is or you just cannot stop thinking about something which has happened recently or in the past. Many us often find ourselves in this situation.

How many people have then gone to friend or family member and talked things through with them? It can make things seem so much better, even if they do not come up with any helpful advice, it can still help to clarify your thoughts, just by talking to someone about things.

Not all of us have someone that we can open up to. Sometimes our friends or family are too busy and sometimes we have no one that close. It can be that our friends and family seem to need us more than we need them and so do not give us an opportunity to talk. Other times, we feel that problem is so personal, that we do not want someone we know hearing it. In these situations it can be really helpful to get a counsellor to help. Having a stranger who is there to listen, can be amazingly helpful. They will not judge you or comment on what you have done but just allow you to talk and get things off your mind.

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