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There are so many people out there that hold themselves back with excuses and reasons why they never achieve anything. Unfortunately, excuses may seem valid or sometimes reassuring but in the end, you achieve nothing and this is why it is in your best interests to stop excuses once and for all. Completely put a stop to them and I mean COMPLETELY, because one excuse breeds another and so forth until a person does nothing but make excuses. You are either a person that makes excuses or a person that gets things done, there is no in between.

Negative language

The human brain has enormous storage space and whatever you put in, you will get back, so just imagine the amount of excuses you can have stored there, one for every situation imaginable. Why not store reasons for achievement and growth and solutions to problems instead?

Common negative language that fills people's minds are sentences like:

1. I am not educated enough
2. I'm not smart enough to do that
3. This is too hard
4. I can't...
5. I never...
6. I'm not that kind of person

This kind of thinking damages confidence and limits a person from achievement or growth. So try to wipe out negative thoughts from your thinking and replace them with a positive version such as "I can" or "I am." Paint whatever picture you wish, after all, it's your canvas

Forget yesterday, concentrate on this moment. Think about what is best for you now, take the action that has the most benefit and the biggest reward. It's quite simple actually, because when one realizes that everything is ultimately an individual's choice when it comes to things like, how we react to circumstances, other people's opinions and our future; then we lose the fear and stop making excuses.

Make your own decisions based on what is best for you and that means not listening to anyone else, because most people base their opinions on what they have experienced themselves, or their own limiting fears and beliefs. They are ruled by their past and as a result, any advice coming from them is invalid and doesn't apply to you. Decide, today that you are going to be the person YOU decide. Excuses are only fear and lack of confidence controlling you, so grow your confidence and conquer fear by replacing any excuse with a positive reason as to why you can and will do it!

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