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Many of your recent checks might have been returned by the bank due to lack of funds. Sooner or later harassment will start from the company that has issued the credit card. You will also be forced to be selective in taking telephone calls for fear of getting payment reminders.

You find that the pay packet you have received is not sufficient to cover payments due. The importance of spending as per a proper budget will be realized by you only then. Sum guidelines are detailed below.

The general advice, when you have used up all the credits allowed in your card and you are finding it difficult to make payments is to stop using the card and give it up altogether. This step is not advisable, though it will look like the best option and the wise thing to do. Pay your dues retain the card and continue using it.

A credit card comes in handy when you find that your bank balance is not sufficient to cover your immediate expenses in your bank account. By not touching the money in the bank you can be free of being penalized by the bank for overdrawing. Credit card companied come forward with a number of reward schemes for prompt payments. These can be used for your future payments. Whatever, they are.

This is a very useful way of spending as per the budget.

You must differentiate between essentials and wishes. Avoid purchase of any nonessential items, even if you have strong desire to go for it.

It is a very difficult thing to maintain. Budgeting is all about being selective in expenditure. It should not be forgotten that this exercise becomes unfruitful if you cannot properly identify essentials.

You must have clear idea as to how much money you are making and how much comes to hand. The cardinal principle is to live within your means and trim your expenses accordingly.

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