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There are questions that remained unanswered. Questions could either be complicated or simple but even the smartest of minds cannot even answer it. Most of the unanswered questions are sometimes intrapersonal where you communicate with yourself and find it on your own.

Our mind is very vast like the universe but in order to make use of it we need to have openness with ourselves. A little self reflection will be a good way to start evaluating yourself. Listing your questions would be an excellent technique to answer some clueless questions. Initially putting a simple question will enable you to answer it simply.

Free writing is something that will essentially help an individual to open up oneself for his intrapersonal relationship.

Writing without any regard of grammatical errors, spelling and punctuations is most likely a way of expressing yourself without holding back to whatever comes to your mind.

Doing this will be like writing in a daily journal or diary, you can write whatever you want. You do not have to consider any topics. Freeing yourself from being mature for a while will make you think of the things you like to do most and what you dislike.

Writing is actually an outlet of your creative side. Though free-writing does not have any rules to follow, it is a preliminary of your combined ideas. Generally, it will organize your thoughts into an artistic writing.

It is such a wonderful accomplishment to be able to express yourself through writing. After such activity, you will be able to appreciate the difference especially if you will come to analyze the outcome of your writing results.

You will then be surprised of what you have discovered through free-writing. The questions being asked are mostly answered by reading the outcome of your writing. What is basically done is like an intuitive reading, that is to quickly explain what you would like to portray without much assessment.

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