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You are courageous and you definitely love to be challenged. You have tried almost all kinds of adventures, from mountain climbing, water rafting to bungee jumping. Now you are again faced with the kind of challenge that is making you think many times - should you do it or not? You were challenged to try belly button piercings. You already have an idea how body piercings are done, but you aren't quite sure if this type is safe and what should you expect from the process.

Navel Piercing

You can heave a sigh of relief now because the fact is that belly button piercings heal quickly. Most people who have these done do not encounter any problems at all. You just have to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis. Its healing time can be six months or less, which is similar to ear piercings.

The process caught the attention of the mainstream eyes when Christy Turlington walked the runway showing off her navel piercing at a London fashion show. More eyes and interests were caught in 1993, when Alicia Silverstone was seen with her navel pierced at the music video of Aerosmith's popular song, Cryin'. Since then, many people, especially women have been engaged in getting this done.

Essential Considerations

The natural healing process of belly button piercings or any kind of body piercings, for that matter, can be hindered by various medical reasons. For one, this must not be done if you are pregnant or you have plans to have a baby in the near future. You must also not resort to these if you are prone to develop skin irritation and lesions such as cut, rash, lump or moles, specifically at the area where you intend to get pierced. These are not advisable to those who are suffering from any kind of auto-immune disorder, hemophilia, diabetes and heart problems.

You have to hear out what a professional has to say about your intentions. If they think that it would be bad for you or you may encounter other problems if you will go on with it, then you might as well drop the idea.

The Risks

You also have to be aware of the risks that are involved in this kind of process. You need to get this done by the right professional because you never know what you may get from unlicensed piercers. You have to make sure that all the equipments that will be used on your body are sterilized and the person who is handling the process uses hand gloves. If you will overlook these important points, some of the serious risks that you will be putting yourself into include allergic reactions, infections, damage on your nerves and excessive bleeding.

Belly button piercings may appear harmless, but you have to think about your decision before committing to such. If you are only challenged but you don't really want to have this, then you might as well not pursue the idea. If you think that having jewelry on your navel can boost your confidence and can make you happy and contented, plus you already have studied the risks involved, then it will be easier for you to go and get this over with.

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