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You may have met people as co-workers or bullies that are very difficult to get along with other people. But this does not mean that it is impossible to get along with when you know them.

Under normal circumstances interacting with such people who are very difficult to get along with unless you just swallow your pride and do not get mad. But there is more to this than just humbling yourself and charging at the issue.

People have been taught how to deal with such people either by just preparing themselves while others have been taught to smile at them. But smiling is more preferred because as you smile there is a positive angle.

It may feel contrary to what common sense dictates but smiling may be an easy way to start the interaction. Give the person an honest smile not just showing your teeth like a predator. Think about what part of them you like while smiling and they could end up smiling back.

Though it may demand a lot from yourself you have to remember that they are not evil any way. Once you dig past their surface you may be amazed by what you find.

Try to do something that no one or not many have done by trying to get along with such people become the exception to the rule it is easy to dislike Peter because he is arrogant and abrasive than try liking him.

Know that he just trying to deal with a little more than he can handle. He is new in this place and the people make him to be nervous. And he is arrogant because he feels insecure.

When you know why he is behaving the way he does he cease to be the exaggerated portrait to you. And in turns become a rear human with concerns. One finds it hard to hate someone he or she understands where they are coming from. But when you do not understand that it's very easy to hate but that does not help. All it takes is a little patience and heart to look past whatever they show on the surface to find out who they really are.

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