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Do you ever question why your life is going the way it is and why you are having the experiences you are? Well, if you have been reading my articles, I have presented some basic understanding of the universal laws and principles that are at the core. You now know that everything is energy and vibration, including your the thoughts you think, and the feelings that you feel. You know that the Law of Attraction is responding to how you feel as a result of your thoughts and brings more of the same. This means that what you think, feel and experience are always a vibrational match. And this also means that if you change the thoughts to ones that feel better, you will have better feeling experiences. This is the power you have all day, everyday, and worth putting into practice.

But, where did those thoughts that created the feelings come from? The came from your beliefs. You are living the real time effect of what you believe about everything. The most important ones being the beliefs you have about yourself, the world and the source of your creation (ie: God, All that is, Source Energy, etc.) These main beliefs are effecting all the other beliefs you have about everything in life, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even your beliefs about things that seems insignificant such as what you belief about your cat or dog (if you have one.) It is also important to understand that we have been influenced from the time we were born by the people around us through our sensory perception with what we heard, saw etc. Beliefs are passed on as well. And some of these people had some pretty crazy beliefs! But what is important, is right now.

So, what is a belief? Simply put, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. You think a thought, which is energy and has a vibration, and the law of attraction instantly matches you with another one like it. If you keep thinking that thought, you will begin to believe it. This is why is it is crucial that you begin to pay close attention to how you feel. Your feelings are communication from a part of you that cares so deeply about you that it wants you to know which way you are headed with that thought. If it feels good, that means you are heading toward what you want. If it doesn't, that's a red flag in a sense, for you to stop and redirect your thoughts toward what feels better. You always want to feel good; to feel happy, and that larger, all loving part of you knows this and wants you to also. In fact, you are in this together and very connected, so much so, that when you have a positive thought, you and it expand and when you have negative thought, you and it contract. Since this whole experience is about growth and expansion (think seed), it is imperative that you pay attention to how you feel as you are entertaining thoughts so that you can grow and expand.

Imagine that you get in your car and you set your GPS for your destination. You pull out of the driveway and it says take a left. But, instead you take a right. It starts letting you know that you have taken a wrong turn, but you ignore it; You keep driving away from your destination. GPS's purpose is to communicate to you and keep you on track toward where you want to be, and yet for some odd reason you just keep going away from it. It doesn't even care what that destination is, it will get you there if you will only just pay attention to it's guidance. This is exactly what your feelings are, a GPS; so make them important.

Let's say your destination is for a career that will be a way for you express your passion and creativity and pay you the money that will allow you to live a great life. But, right now you are working at a job that you don't like. You were told that you have to make money to live, and your lack of belief in yourself as worthy and deserving of the best caused you to choose a job that reflected that. You go to work, and you trade your integrity for an income. You have this feeling inside that you are supposed to feel good and you ignore it. That part of you called unconditional love is trying to get your attention. But, you have been led to believe that you have to work hard to make money and that life isn't easy. Perhaps you have seen your parents work at jobs they didn't like just to make ends meet and heard them complain about it. Maybe your friends and coworkers are doing the same thing and talk a lot about it. In fact it seems as if almost everyone you know is living like this. You hear of those who live their passion, but there aren't many of them. So, you keep ignoring that negative feeling and push it way down. But, it just won't let you get away with it. It does everything it can to get your attention. You even ignore the chronic headache, backache or stomach ache. You ignore the sleeplessness and the feelings of sadness and depression. You see so many like you, that you believe that this is just the way life is.

In fact, it has been shown that we actually get addicted to the chemicals that are produced by our chronic thoughts. This is why it can be so difficult to change our thoughts. *My next article will go deeper into the amazing neurology of our brain and how we can change, so stay tuned.

I truly hope the above description isn't you. But in case it is, this is what you can do. First, understand that the most important thing in your life is that YOU feel good. Make decisions about the important things in your life based only on if it feels good. Do not tolerate or ignore feeling bad in any way because you aren't meant to. The universal laws are always responding so if you want to feel good, then practice feeling good. Before you go to bed and when you wake up, deliberately look for something to feel good about. Make lists of the aspects of your life that feel good to you. Notice the love in your life and the beauty. Frequently stop throughout the day, close your eyes, breath deeply and just say thank-you. That breath is your connection to your higher self and is always available. Once you get a good feeling going, the law of attraction will do the rest.

As you are feeling better, now bring to your mind that ideal career that you would prefer spending your life in everyday. Even before it happens, imagine and feel the feeling of it. Get excited. Direct your thoughts and feelings toward what you want and each time a negative thought comes in, replace it with any thought that feels better. Trust that you are always being informed through your feelings and let them be your guide. Remember the law of attraction is responding to how you feel. The better you feel the better life gets.

Another action to take is to create a vision board. Get a large board that you can put images on of what you want your life to look like. Put pictures on it that represent the job and everything else you want to experience. Look through magazines often and put the ones that best represent the way you want to feel. Put it in a place where you will see it throughout the day. It is especially important to look at it before you go to sleep and when you wake up. When you look at these pictures and add in the expectant feeling you will be dropping the ideas into your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined experience and, it is where we access the answers to everything. It is now known that this is one of the most powerful things we can do to change our beliefs.

You are here to live the best that life has to offer, but it is your choice and your choice alone. Make the relationship with your inner self the most important one, because it knows that you are worthy, and that you are here to be happy; it will always let you know with a 'feeling'. Practice the new belief about yourself; that you are here to do what you love and love what you do. This is how you replace the limiting beliefs with the ones that will serve you and the entire universe.

NOW is the time to begin to live what you are here for-the Joy of it!

Enjoy! Kathleen Martin, LOACC

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