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Car is the most essential vehicle. You can move from one place to another place by your car. Due to the function of the car, this article tries to bring some information about cleaning your car.

The steps below are easy guides to keep and clean your car. You can have your sparkling car after doing this step. The first tip to make your sparkling car is to wash the car in the cloudy day. It will avoid spot on your car.

You need to prepare all the needs near by you so you can reach them easily. To get better result make sure you wash your car in shady area. Before you wash it, you need to wait the paint to cool.

Use car soap to wash because detergent will wipe the wax away. You need to pour and stir some soap into your bucket until you get the foam. Rinse your vehicle off to clean all the dust, grime and dirt. You can use a cloth to wipe and brush it. It would be better if you do it from the top to the bottom in small sections.

To avoid dirt and dust on the sponge, you need to clean and wash it before you plunge it into the soapy water. After cleaning and brushing all the body, you need to flush all the foam by using a hose.

Don't forget to clean the wheels. You can clean it with a small cloth and soap. Rinse it and wipe out all the foam. After you wash it, you need to dry it with a cloth from the upper side to the lower side.

The last step is to wipe it with buffer pad and polish. The polish will clean the oxidation. You need to apply the wax and spray tire shine. By doing this, you will get your shining car.

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