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Even in today's economy there is always money and resources available for those with a definite purpose. Success then, is a choice. It all begins with the power to imagine.

The iPad, Chevy Volt, and streaming video all began in the imagination of some person.

Even in times of economic uncertainty there will be those who defy participating. And what will be the key ingredient? Imagination and purpose.

It's good to know that the imagination, like a flower, can be cultivated, nurtured and grown. Before any thought becomes a reality, it is birthed in the imagination.

Whatever your status, background, successes and failures, you can develop your imagination. You must make a choice, a solitary declaration, to be a success. But, you need not go it alone. Once you make that commitment to financial abundance, co-operation from others will appear.

Here's a golden nugget to attract co-operation: do more than what's paid for. Focus on making yourself useful, efficient and desirable.

Begin by imagining you at your very best. What do you look like? How do you carry yourself? What things do you know? What is your character?

Successful people have the ability to correct mistakes, change courses, and admit shortcomings. The past does not always equal the future. It starts by looking in the mirror and getting real. Accept the fact that your life is of your creation. That's a powerful, mind blowing concept.

Then, seek out those that have the qualities you desire; even if it's only in a book. Use your imagination and then act on it.

Success in acquiring money and abundance is achievement of a definite major purpose without violating the rights of others. Money is simply a tool, a means of exchange. What is it ultimately that you desire that wealth bring? Once you know that, my friend, you'll know your definite major purpose.

Now use your imagination and get it!

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